Make every drop count

Winner Horecava Innovation Award 2024


Realtime insights of every drop served

Picture this you're running a dope bar, restaurant, or hotel and trying to keep tabs on all the drinks going out. It’s a total nightmare, right? Don't worry, we've got your back!


Whether you're the best bartender or a new mixologist, it's easy to doubt yourself when it comes to measuring out those precious liquids. We give you complete control over your bar inventory, so you can focus on pouring the perfect drink.

  1. Smart inventory
    Elevate your venue's efficiency with real-time tracking. Say goodbye to guesswork and ensure you're always stocked with what your customers crave.
  2. Improve skills
    Sharpen your craft with data-backed insights. Learn from each pour, understand customer preferences, and become the master behind the bar everyone talks about.
  3. Improve sales
    Impress your guests with impeccable service, reduce waiting times, and get those tips rolling in. With Pourify, you're not just serving drinks; you're curating experiences.


Whether you're trying to cut waste, increase profits, or serve up some killer drinks, Pourify is the only name in the game. Cause we know that every drop counts.

Eco-Friendly & Long-Lasting

Sustainable choice; simply replace parts, continue pouring.

Bluetooth® Connection

Seamless hub integration; effortlessly smart.

Designed by Bartenders

Optimal pour, indistinguishable from non-smart spouts



Set smart targets and receive timely alerts for optimal hospitality management. Enhance performance for both managers and bartenders.


Achieve real-time clarity on what's poured, when, and where, down to the specific bar and moment.


Seamlessly integrate with your Point Of Sale (POS), to cross-reference sales performance with Pourify's data insights.

Bar 2

Won the Tequila challenge! They poured 100 shots in just one hour. Mad skills!


Club Bar

2 min

Gin Genius: 300 Perfectly Balanced Gin Tonics in One Evening. Flawless Technique!

Bar 1

3 min

Cocktail Champion: Mixed 50 Unique Cocktails in Record Time. Creativity Unleashed!


The Bacardi Rum is out of stock.


Whiskey Bar

Whiskey Wizard: 490 ml Poured Without Spilling a Drop. 14x 35ml Whiskey Poured. Pure Perfection! Perfect Pour

Club Bar

Speedy Spirit Sprint: 150 Vodka Shots Served in 60 Minutes. Blazing Fast!

Data. Drops. Drinks.

We're here to motivate your employees to boost sales in a savvy way, all while keeping your inventory in check.

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