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At POURIFY, we are firm believers in the power of combining operational knowledge with cutting-edge technology to achieve success in the hospitality technology industry. With a strong foundation of launching and selling multiple hospitality venues in the Netherlands, our roots are deeply intertwined with the hospitality sector. As a hospitality technology company, we bring together hardware, software, and hospitality expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Founded by Oscar Steginga in 2022 and headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, our mission is to transform the industry with smart inventory solutions that enhance staff and guest satisfaction by streamlining day-to-day processes and optimizing time usage.

At POURIFY, we have a dedicated focus on two key groups: the OG hospitality owners and managers (25-55y) and the young and fresh bartenders and cocktail shakers (18-35y). Recognizing their distinct needs, we tailor our approach to cater to each group effectively.

For owners and managers (aka 'the buyers'), we provide the hard facts and figures they need to run their businesses like bosses. Our insights and data help them make informed decisions and keep operations running smoothly, without any fluff—just straightforward knowledge to keep them ahead.

For mixologists (aka 'the users'), we act as their partners in crime. Fueling their passion for the craft, we equip them with tools and resources to elevate their skills and create exceptional drinks, setting them apart from the competition. We are committed to supporting their journey to becoming the best they can be.

At POURIFY, our team constantly strives to seamlessly connect people and services, enhancing experiences through technology. We question the status quo to identify opportunities for improvement, addressing questions like why a shift stops at 6:00 in the morning or why there may be issues with drink pouring. Through innovative technology, we aim to redefine the hospitality landscape and create a rewarding experience for all.

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